Ticket Field Names and Descriptions


Below table gives details of field names requested in ticket creation and their description.


Field Name


Full Name

Enter your first name and last name (Format ” Firstname Lastname”) – special characters not allowed.


Enter your email address (valid business email address)

Ticket Type

Select Type of Ticket (bug, change request etc.). See below Ticket Type table for details.


Select Priority (high, medium, low etc.)

Expected Delivery Date

Provide the date you expect to have the request / issue closed or product / change delivered.

Assigned Project / Product

Gives list of projects / products to choose from. Click to select.

Project / Product

Select one or more project(s) / product(s) from Assigned Projects/Products list (pick “Project: Other” or “Product : Other” if project/product not in list). Use “x” in the beginning of product/project to remove.

Assigned Team

Gives list of team(s) to assign to the ticket. Click to select.


Select one or more team(s) to assign for the ticket.

Title Notes

Gives context sensitive notes for entering Title.


Enter short description for the ticket, provide application/website name (if applicable)

Description Notes

Gives context sensitive notes for entering Detailed Description.

Detailed Description

Provide detailed description for the ticket include relevant documents as attachments (screenshots, examples etc.)


Ticket Type: Use the table below to pick correct Ticket Type


Ticket Type



Select Bug type to report issue with existing application / website.                               

Change Request

Select Change Request type to request change to existing application / website.

Content Update

Select Content Update type to update website / mobile application content.


Select General type if it does not fit any other ticket types.

New Feature

Select New Feature type for adding new functionality to existing application/website.


Select Support type for ongoing support / maintenance (user enquiries/questions, routine task requests etc.).

Request for Quote

Select Request For Quotation type for new quote request.

Priority: Use the table below description to assign correct Priority





Select Urgent priority for business critical production problems (e.g. application down).


Select High priority for intermittent production problems.


Select Medium priority for normal business requests / questions / estimate requests.


Select Low priority for cosmetic changes or improvement suggestions.


*Medium is default priority


Attachments: Add any relevant documents/screenshots as attachment using “Add Attachment” button.


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